Pinckney Poms Calendar

This is a temporary page to host our Pinckney Poms Calendar until our new website ( is up and running.  This is my school tech website, but I do not want you to have to wait to see the calendar, so I posted it here.

Girls: I am also going to share this calendar to your school google accounts so you can add it to your Google Calendar.  I can help you do this if you do not know how to add it. (you will get an email.)

You can also click on the events to see other details about practice.  We are going to add due dates, practice details, uniform details,  and other important information. will be up and running VERY soon 🙂  The new site will serve as a central place for parents and pom girls to stay informed about events, practices, competitions, print documents, tryout information, fundraisers and more!  I will email all parents/girls when the site is up!