K-3 Students are gearing up for lots of computer programming!  In late November, part of December and January all Country Elementary and Farley Hill  students will be learning how to code!  We are participating in CODE.ORG‘s 3rd annual Hour of Code.  Last year hundreds of organizations (including Facebook, Microsoft, Instagram, Pinterest, and more) joined together to create fun introductions to computer programming for students.  I have a page on my website with additional tutorials for coding: http://www.elementarytech.net/code/  This is also where students can log in to their individual classes to get credit for their coding.  This will begin after Thanksgiving for most classes.

This year the code.org tutorials include many more tutorials and a sequel to last year’s MINECRAFT!  The students are so very excited about it (especially Minecraft!)  The Kindergarten students will participate as well.  They will start with tutorials like Angry Birds, which is a nice introduction to coding.


This year, we are using PAIR PROGRAMMING!  One student serves as the driver and the other student serves as the navigator.  This effective system allows for an amazing collaborative experience!

Check out this awesome video to see what PAIR PROGRAMMING IS ALL ABOUT!

Take time as a family to learn how computers work!

Some amazing articles about coding!

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