4-C is the technology class for all students in K-3.  Our lessons and projects focus on 4 key components: Creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking.  We are also focused the ISTE standards.  View the Standards

  • We are always in BETA and are updating and creating NEW VERSIONS!
  • Encourage: questioning and curiosity!
  • We need to celebrate original thought and innovation!
  • Don’t be afraid to fail!  Model this with your kids.  LEARN WITH YOUR KIDS!

Kindergarten is focused on learning all about creativity and critical thinking right now.  We are learning about the 3D printer, how to answer questions to eliminate answers to get to the important answers, effective problem solving and much more!

First Grade is learning about Google Slides, Google Classroom and the 3d Printer.  We are learning how to navigate Google Drive and use the apps to show what we are learning.  In November we will work on using Google to research.  We began using Google’s Read&Write App.  Students can use speech to text to create a piece of writing and also have websites read to them.  It is an awesome tool!

2nd and 3rd grade created Google Sites.  They are working on including student projects, pictures of proud work, research and reflections throughout the year.  Learning to create a website is an incredibly helpful skill.

We are also using the apps: Wevideo to create educational videos.  Students created fun little trailers to put on their websites. We plan to use this same program to create reflections, book talks and more.

Google Classroom

First through third grade is using Google Classroom to do assignments.  This is a wonderful tool to help both student and teacher organize and communicate.







Chromecast Fun!  

We use Chromecast and big displays to encourage collaboration and communication in class.  The old days of students staring at screens in the computer labs like zombies is over.   I love to hear kids working together in their teams asking questions, problem solving as they cast to the screen.  They also use the screen to reteach or ask questions with their groups.  It is so inspiring!

2nd and 3rd grade students Participate in “Suggestions and Edits” Students take turns casting to the display to get suggestions and edits from their team.  They recently used the Chromecasts to help each other edit their “all about me” pages for their websites.  One at a time they shared their page while everyone gave suggestions and edits.  True teamwork!




Here is a great video that is a great video that explains how working together on projects can inspire learning!