2nd and 3rd grade students have been taking the MAP test during the month of January during their tech time, but we plan to get back to business in February!  In February we plan to:

  • use Google Docs and Slides for project
  • Explore Project Based Learning using Chromebooks
  • Learn how to share and work together with other students when creating new projects
  • Researching using online resources and tools
  • Sharing projects using student blogs

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Many students continue to participate in the “Hour of Code” both at school and at home.  The Kindergarten and Kinder Ready students had a blast coding coding with the Angry Birds and beginning levels of drag and drop coding.  First grade continues to learn how to code using code.org’s tutorials.   The 1st – 3rd grade students work at their own pace to complete tutorials featuring Minecraft, Starwars, Gumball and more!  Coding teaches us all about computational thinking and perseverance.  These skills are so important and will help students actually perform better in most subjects in school.   http://www.elementarytech.net/code/

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During the month of February K-1 Students will continue to perfect their ability to use their Chromebooks independently.  Student are really loving using the Chrome OS.  It has been a very positive experience so far.


Kindergarten will be logging in to their Google Accounts independently for the first time!  They begin to learn about:

  • Using Google Docs to write a sentence and insert a photo
  • Using Audio, Video and Photos for classroom projects
  • Sending a Gmail to another student
  • memorizing their email and password
  • and much more!


In February, First Grade will learn how to:

  • Use Google for research and find information
  • Use Audio, Video and Photos for classroom projects
  • memorize their email and password
  • use basic keyboarding and shortcuts to make the Chrome OS even easier to use
  • and much more!



The students used Google MAPs to explore the White House, Pinckney and more!  We also learned how to use the “parachute guy.”  (Tip: click on the “earth” mode to make your map look more realistic)flying_man We dropped him inside of the White House!  This tool is amazing because students can explore the world without leaving their seat.  It is a free tool to use from Google.  

We talked about how “in the old days” people would put giant paper maps on the wall and put push pins where they visited or wanted to visit.  Students can do the same thing when they are logged into their school Google accounts!  Use your custom maps to: Create a journal of traveling, make plans for the future or have fun touring famous buildings and places around the world – FOR FREE!