In December and January all Country Elementary and Farley Hill  students will be learning how to code!  We are participating in CODE.ORG‘s 3rd annual Hour of Code.  Last year hundreds of organizations (including Facebook, Microsoft, Instagram, Pinterest, and more) joined together to create fun introductions to computer programming for students.  Country students are in their 2nd/3rd year and we are so pumped that Farley Hill students are joining in on the fun this year!  I have a page on my website with additional tutorials for coding:

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This year the tutorials include STAR WARS and MINECRAFT!  The kids are so very excited about it (especially Minecraft!)  The Kindergarten students will participate as well.  They will start with the Angry Birds tutorial, which is a nice introduction to coding.

Check out this video to learn about Country Elementary’s experience last year.  We presented our video and presentation at the school board meeting.  12 Country Elementary students used iPads to teach each school board member the basics of computer programming.

Last year across the world kids learned to code!

I could go on and on about the importance of learning to program a computer, but the short videos below do a much better job explaining!

One more thing: Students will bring home log-in information in December so that they can code at home.  The login will keep track of how many lines of code your child has completed and help them save their progress.

Check out to see all the different lessons, tutorials and more!


Here are a few more  articles and resources about why learning to code is so important!

Check out this infographic about how computer programming empowers kids! (Click twice to enlarge)teachkidstocodegif