What is a Chromebook?


2nd and 3rd Grade

After a few weeks of MAP testing during their weekly tech class time, 2nd and 3rd grade students finally were able to dive into the new Chromebooks!

  • Students logged into their new blogs and completed their first post!  Now they will practice commenting on each other’s posts.  They learned how to create an avatar as well.  We’ll post their blogs for parent viewing soon!
  • Students are working on memorizing their Google Logins as well.
  • We began learning about Google Drive and Google Apps.
    • Google Drawing: This app is great for creating diagrams for school projects, labeling, creating original artwork, and more!)
    • Google Docs: This is where students can do daily classroom writing workshop and response to prompts from their teachers.  Students can also do collaborative writing with peers.
    • No need to print because they can just “share” projects with their teachers!
  • Students learned about the rules and procedures when checking out the Chromebooks.  Caring for our technology equipment is very important.  Below is a copy of the rules we follow when checking out the carts and using the Chromebooks in the classroom: Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 7.49.06 PM

1st Grade Students are working very hard to log-in to their Google accounts independently.  Classes are working on publishing class books using Google Drawing and Google Slides.  It is a fun project and we weill share when the books are finished.  In addition to using their Chromebooks for RAZ-Kids and Xtra math in their own individual classrooms, they are quickly becoming expert Chromebook users!

Kindergarten students are working on navigating the new Chromebook keyboard and touchpad.  Dragging and dropping using a touch pad can be a tricky skill! Online educational activities often require arrow keys and basic keyboarding skills.  We are working on scrolling up/down with two fingers and moving the cursor with only one finger.  Below is a quick 7 second video showing how to use 2 fingers to drag/drop: