We are having a blast in technology class!  Now that we are finally wrapping up MAP testing, the 2nd and 3rd grade classes will starting to use their Google accounts in full force!  We will cover Digital Citizenship before we start sharing online.  Here are a few of the resources we will use to teach about being safe online.

  • Below is a link to the video we will watch from Brain POP:

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 8.33.09 PM

  •  We will also talk about the “THINK” poster!



Sharing is wonderful and connecting with other learners is an important part of growing as learners.  It is important to remind young students about the friendly and appropriate ways to share online.  Starting these habits and lessons early are KEY!

Below is an overview of the Fall months in Technology Class for second and third grade students:

  • Students will continue to learn how to use the Chromebooks.
  • 2nd and 3rd grade students will create a blog to share writing, photos of school projects, etc.
  • We will learn how to use Google Docs, Forms, Google Presentation, Gmail, Google Drawing, and more!  These tools and apps are part of the Google Apps for Education.
  • Learning about computer programming and why it is essential for jobs they will have in the future.
  • Students will reading and write code this year.  We will build on the coding lessons from last year.
  • We will begin learning about key concepts in computer programming.  This includes computational thinking, algorithms, and how learning to code can help you think through problems more efficiently.
  • Introduction to robotics and how apps can be used to program robots for different tasks.


First Grade students will learn how to log-in to their School Google Accts in October.  It will take some practice, but they will be experts in no time!

  • In addition to all the awesome computer programming and coding  First graders will:
    • Learn about Google tools and Apps.
    • Use Google Apps to create writing pieces and shared drawings.
    • Work together with classmates to create fun interactive projects using Google Presentation and Youtube.

Kindergarten Students are working hard learning to use our new Chromebooks.

  • They are learning to scroll using arrow keys and two fingers
  • navigate/move the pointer/cursor around using one finger
  • Learning/locating the Chromebook keys that we use often (including reload, volume, full screen, arrow keys, CTRL etc.)
  • Click to see larger photo of our Chromebook keyboard:


  • Kinders are also working on navigating my website.
  • We play learning games that reinforce Common Core Standards
  • We practice how to safely care for a Chromebook and put it away in the charging cart.
  • We are also practicing to close browser windows using “CTRL-W”
  • We will also learn about computer programming and coding.

See my next post all about CHROMEBOOKS for more information about why Google Chromebooks are so GREAT for kids, teachers and our schools.  Here is a short video about Chromebooks: