If you are looking for a fun online activity to do as a family… Check out Wonderopolis!  This website offers amazing resources for teachers, students and families.  It pretty much focuses on “I wonder” questions.  It is a nice way to learn about real world topics and make connections to classroom topics and teachable moments during the day.  I know that kids ask questions all day long.  Now they can have a fun place to go to explore educational topics they “wonder” about!

Right now Wonderopolis is featuring a SUMMER CAMP!  It is a fun camp of activities.  Register your child today!

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Some great features:

  • It highlights important vocabulary in the text for readers to focus on – GREAT for developing vocabulary and improving non fiction reading skills
  • It has a “listen” button if you want it read to you.
  • There are videos for each “I wonder” topic
  • There are quizzes for each topic
  • Makes important connections to real world topics
  • Incorporates hands on activities such as science experiments or crafts
  • Students can suggest new “I wonder” questions for the website to feature and vote for other topics as well


Technical “Yays!”

  • It is available on most all devices including iPad and Android
  • Wonderopolis is pretty active on Twitter.  They tweet great ideas for classroom/home.  Be sure to tweet out some fun stuff you do with your kids and they will almost always respond.