DisneyEvery year we celebrate reading during the month of March!  This year’s theme is focused around Disney.  Walt Disney was a forward thinker and always kept “moving forward!”  I encourage students to follow his example.  Explore, be curious, and be creative!  It is exciting to think how technology will change during your child’s lifetime.  My goal is inspire them to want to learn new things and to continue to learn after they leave my class.

Google Chrome App Store

The 2nd and 3rd grade students learned how to use Chrome’s educational app store.  The Chrome App Store has many wonderful (and free!) apps for math, reading, writing, creativity, coding, typing and more.  The children also learned to customize their Chrome accounts’ themes and avatar.

How to Log in At Home

  • Go to Google.com (preferably on Chrome’s browser)
  • Each child’s login is his/her email address.  This consists of the following:
    • If your child’s name is “John Smith” and they graduate in 2025
    • his/her email address would be smijoh25@students.pinckneypirates.org
    •  Password is your child’s student number.

Search Google for your favorite author!  Here is an example of a perfect author website for you  and your children to explore:



Robert Munsch is a fantastic author for elementary age children.  His website has audio recordings of him reading his own books.  They are great for practicing listening comprehension with K-3 students. Some of our favorites include, “The Paper Bag Princess” and “Five Below Zero.

I’ll post more author websites, activities and games in my next post 🙂  Happy Reading!!!!