We are learning about computer programming in Technology Class!  The kids are so excited to learn how to “code!”  We talked about how technology touches many parts of our lives and learning the code used to create computer programs will help us now and in the future.  CEO Mark Zuckerberg and friends created  This fun program is FREE and will help us all learn the basics of computer programming.  Learning to “code” will give our students an advantage regardless of the career they choose.  The kids were so excited to hear about other famous people who are computer programmers and those who learned to code just to improve their own lives. 

I showed students how many lines of code are needed just to create a simple website or game.  We talked about how many lines of code it would take to create a video game, website or ipad app.

People from ages 6 to 106 can learn to code.  You can learn as a family!  Learning to code at a young age is best!  It is just like learning a foreign language – It is best to start young!  Being able to understand that language and how technology works will give your child an advantage.  

  • As of September 2014 ALL children in schools in England will start learning computer coding from the age of five.


  • In China, EVERY student (100%) learns computer programming, in the U.S., LESS than 5% 🙁


  • Years of neglect of computer science education means the U.S. is now facing a huge shortfall in people qualified to take on high paying jobs that require programming skills.


**Information from CODE.ORG:

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Below are 2 AMAZING short videos from   These are a MUST WATCH!


Below is a nice infographic about kids and coding!

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Here are few more  articles and resources about why learning to code is so important!